Clift Joinery Supply Only Guarantee

Clift Joinery warrants that the Services shall be supplied using reasonable skill and care and that upon delivery and for a period of 5 years from the date of delivery the Goods shall be of satisfactory quality within the meaning of the Sale of Goods Act 1979, reasonably fit for the purpose for which they are supplied and free from defects in material and workmanship.
Guarantees are provided in accordance with the following schedule:

General Workmanship and material affecting performance

Accoya – 5 years
Durable Hardwood – 5 years
Oak – 5 years

Movement/distortion of timber*. Any movement in excess of:
Accoya – Up to 5mm
Durable Hardwood – Up to 8mm
Oak – Up to 12mm

Against rot in the timber
Accoya – 50 years
Durable Hardwood – N/A
Oak – N/A

*Timber is a natural material that expands and shrinks according to local environmental conditions. No guarantees are given for any new door or frame against minor twisting and distortion as a result of timber movement or the minor opening up of window/door joints. Especially on windows made in timber other than Accoya.

Paint Finish for New Joinery

The paint finish is covered by this warranty against peeling, cracking over larger areas and failure of the finish leading to exposure of the timber underneath.

Standard Clift Joinery white/white finish – Up to 3 years*
Non-standard external point finishes – 2 years
Dark colours painted externally – Up to 2 years*
Stains – Up to 2 years*

*Please see maintenance guidelines.
The Paint finish warranty will be rendered invalid under the following circumstances:

    • Where there has been damage to the coating caused by excessive cleaning, poor practice and hosing of windows, exposure to unusual physical conditions including surface wear by natural elements and damage beyond the control of the Company Guarantee
    • Where paint finish has not been maintained/redecorated in line with our guidelines for redecoration (see Clift Joinery Operations and Maintenance Manual).


Standard heritage double glazed units – 10 Years against sealed unit failure including misting, 5 year supply and fit warranty after 5 years supply only of replacement units only
Slimlite Double Glazing (Edinburgh) Ltd – 5 Years against sealed unit failure including misting, 3 year supply and fit warranty after 3 years supply only of replacement units only

Breakages, cracks and surface damage to glass caused by others are not covered by the warranting of double glazed sealed units.


Locking mechanisims – Manufacturer’s warranty only

* Ironmongery surface finishes are not covered by this warranty

* Customer fitted ironmongery is not covered by this warranty

Conditions of our Warranty

Clift Joinery shall be under no liability in respect of any defect in the Goods arising from fair wear and tear, defective brickwork or render, failure to follow any instructions supplied to you in relation to installation of the goods by others, misuse, alteration or repair of the Goods without the Company’s express prior approval.

Any claim by you for breach of any of these guarantees must be notified to us as soon as reasonably practical after the fault or damage is discovered. In order to avoid any confusion or delay, notification should be made to us in writing or if made orally first, confirmed in writing as soon as reasonably practicable thereafter.

All windows and doors must be maintained in line with our window and door maintenance guide, in particular in relation to paint finishes. Failure to maintain the Goods in accordance with the relevant guarantee terms or maintenance schedule will invalidate any guarantee given by us in relation to such Goods.

Any Guarantee and/or Warranty will only be validated and activated once full payment of the contract(s) has been received by us.

This Guarantee is transferable.

Important Note: Any variations or amendments to this warranty will only be deemed valid if authorised in writing by a Director of the company