Congratulations you have chosen products made from wood and manufactured to your unique requirements. Our dedicated, highly skilled joiners have crafted your items from carefully selected and responsibly sourced timber. This natural product is one of the most versatile and beautiful materials available. If maintained properly, you will enjoy your windows and doors for many years to come.


2. Timber

Timber is the only truly sustainable material from which to manufacture windows and doors. Timber combines strength with natural insulating properties, and has the advantage of being an easily renewable material with little environmental impact from extraction, processing and manufacture.  Clift Joinery ensures the sustainability of timber used through the Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC) Chain of Custody certification scheme. This is an internationally recognised standard that audits the full supply chain from forest to window manufacture to ensure high standards of environmental stewardship throughout the process. It is the mission of the FSC to, “promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests”.

Sustainable forests are not simply those which are replenished as they are harvested. They are also managed to ensure that the ecology of the forest is not damaged in putting the natural products to an economic use.

The use of products manufactured using sustainable timber will:

  • Ensure that you are not damaging the world’s forests and that this truly renewable resource will continue.
  • Reduce the damaging chemicals that are released into the atmosphere due to production and
    disposal of other window frame materials.
  • Demonstrate environmental, social and economic responsibility on your part, not least through a
    willingness to work with all the stakeholders in timber production, distribution and manufacture.
  • Provide added value to the overall project.

 Some facts:

  • Wood has the best thermal insulation properties of any mainstream construction material.
  • Wood has the lowest embodied energy of any mainstream building material.
  • Wood from sustainably managed forests can actually be better than carbon neutral.


3. Quality Control

Clift Joinery use quality control procedures to maintain a high standard for our products.

Timber Selection

The recommended limits for the timber used during manufacture.

The recommended moisture content limit is 16% +/-3%. When timber is received by the supplier, these are inspected and checked immediately. Moisture content readings are taken and any timber which; exceeds this moisture content criteria, or displays any other unacceptable defect, is placed in quarantine and subject to Quality Control procedures, which may result in the material being returned to the suppliers.

We carefully select the timber to suit your requirements and that of the product. The appearance of the timber will vary from one piece to another, in colour and graining. And it may be necessary to join certain boards due to the width.

It is vitally important to remember that timber is a natural product and is hygroscopic in its nature.

It basically ‘wants’ to be in tune with the surrounding environment and conditions that it is subject to; therefore, if the atmosphere is wet, damp or humid the wood will take on water and expand. If dry it will lose water and shrink. This can cause your product to expand and contract at different times when subject to different conditions. This can also affect decorative coatings and can cause the timber to split or twist.  Clift Joinery is not responsible for movement or the reaction to the timber caused by the conditions in
which it is placed.


4. Care and Decoration

General Maintenance

General cleaning should be carried out regularly (minimum twice a year) using a non-abrasive cloth with mild detergent and warm water (pH neutral solution) to remove any contaminants, whilst frequently changing the water. Under no circumstances should aggressive, alkaline or acidic cleaners be used. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove all residues but do not use hosepipes. During cleaning, if any damage is noticed it must be repaired immediately. Ensure the bottom weather bars of door sets and aluminum channels for hinges to run in, if the product features these, are clean and free from grit or other debris.


All ironmongery on our windows and doors is factory fitted where practical. Should the ironmongery become contaminated, use a soft cloth to remove any building debris but do not use abrasive cleaners. If in any doubt, temporary removal of the ironmongery by competent site personnel should be considered. Particular attention should be given to metallic fittings, which are vulnerable to scratching or tarnishing. Regular cleaning with warm soapy water will help to maintain the appearance, but if required a proprietary brand of chrome polish can be used (eg. Autosol)

Slimlite Double Glazing (Edinburgh) Ltd

Slimlite Ultra Clear Self Cleaning Double Glazed Units have an innovative nanoscale technology to Slimlite for the external glass pane, and is more scratch resistant than standard glass and also provides an incredible Self Cleaning Action.

Whilst the self cleaning nanostructure coating has dust resistant properties, when there are long periods of dry weather with some atmospheric contamination the glass can be easily cleaned with the application of water or where bird droppings are a problem, use warm water and detergent.

Please note that any chemical or corrosive cleaner should not be used on the nanostructure self cleaning coating surface, as visual damage may occur and will invalidate our guarantee.

This self cleaning action can be seen on a Lotus Leaf and is referred to as the ‘lotus effect’ with very high water repellence referred to as Hydrophobicity (Self Cleaning Action). The surface of the lotus leaf is not flat but consists of closely formed microscopic projections providing a variety of very different surfaces.

General Care

All products deteriorate over time and this is particularly true of those that are exposed to the elements.
Wind, rain and sunlight – not to mention wind-borne spores and insects – all contribute to the breakdown and deterioration of all materials’ appearance. It is therefore important to protect these products by putting
a barrier between them and the elements.

Whatever their framing material, windows are no exception. Previous claims that some windows were
effectively ‘maintenance free’ have since been proven to be wrong.

Remove any loose coating material from the affected areas with a fine grade of sandpaper (or equivalent),
taking care to sand in the direction of the “grain”. Ensure that any ‘grey’ timber that has been damaged by
ultraviolet light is removed back to a clean, bright surface.


All joinery is painted in Dulux Trade Primer, Undercoat and Dulux Trade Weathersheild High Gloss as the top coat. Simple steps such as wiping down the joinery finish to remove dirt and insects will help extend the decorative finish. This can be done at the same time as cleaning the glass.

Good household maintenance also helps to extend repainting intervals.

At least once a year:

  • Check hinges and handles and treat with a light oil if necessary.
  • Clean weather seals to remove dust or grime.
  • In autumn, clear guttering and down pipes, and repair any leaks.
  • Each spring, inspect the joinery and spot repair any minor areas of coating damage, shakes or open joints. Moisture should not be allowed to penetrate into the timber throughout its life.


Repair products

In DRY weather, apply one coat of appropriate base stain or primer to all bare timber. Ensure any end grain is completely coated. Allow the coating material to dry. Rub lightly with a fine grade sandpaper, or equivalent. Do not break the surface of the coating material. Remove all dust.

Apply one or two coats of the relevant exterior quality stain or paint system to the patch primed areas;
ensure any end grain is completely coated. Allow to dry between coats.

The list below shows the typical maintenance products used to maintain factory finished joinery.

Typically, 1 litre of primer or topcoat will cover a surface area of 8 – 10 square meters.


Dulux Trade Quick Dry Wood Primer Undercoat

Top Coats

Dulux Trade Weathersheild Exterior High Gloss RAL 9010

 Slimlite Double Glazing and Standard Double Glazing

It is recommended that the paint protection of the glazing including the overlap on to the glass face, should be repainted every three years to maintain the required protection particularly with putty fronting. Ultra Violet has a detrimental effect on most paints, particularly on south facing elevations. However more frequent ‘spot painting’ may be necessary to maintain the required standard of protection.

 When to Decorate
In practice, carrying out the first redecoration approximately one year before the recommended time will
significantly improve the longevity of the coating system. Re-decorating can be phased by elevation. The redecoration period for each face can be evaluated, avoiding the need to necessarily redecorate every elevation at the same time.

Please refer to the paint manufactures guidelines regarding the re-application of coats and for
expected life span of coatings. Please note that different exposure levels will affect the time span between


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries or require more specific advice and
assistance with your joinery products.


5. Operating Instructions

 Casement Window:

To open the window, lift the handle and push the sash outwards. The window is now in its ventilation position.

Secure the open sash with the casement stay ensuring its locked into its pin.  To disengage, unlatch the stay and pull the sash towards you into the closed position, close the handle and lock.

 French Doors:


  1. 1.Unlock your French Doors, press the handle downwards to release the shoot bolts and locking mechanism. The door can now be opened.
  2. To open the second leaf of your French Door, pull the handle downwards to release the shoot bolts positioned at the top and bottom of the door.
  3. To close, move the door until it locates against the frame, lift the door handle upwards as far as it will go (approximately 45°) and release it.
  4. 4.To lock your French Doors, close the second leaf of the door: move it back towards the doorframe until it relocates within the frame and then lift the handle to 45° to re-engage the top and bottom shoot bolts. Repeat this for the main door leaf to close your French Doors.
  5. 5.To lock your doors simply turn the key one complete revolution towards the frame. Your French Door is now
  6. securely locked.
  7. It is recommended that you fit hooks on the outside faces of both leaves of your French Doors and eyebolts on the wall abutting both sides of the door in order that both door leaves can be secured whilst open.

 Box Sash Window:

To open the window, pull the sash fastener to the open position, unlock the sash stops, lift the bottom sash handles (sash lifts) and pull up. The window is now in its ventilation position. To open the top sash, gently push down on either the meeting rail or sash handles (if fitted).

To close, pull the bottom sash down and top sash up. Lock the sash fastener and screw the sash stops into the stiles of the sash.

 Maintenance and Adjustment

Ensure the bottom weather bar is clean and dirt free. All locking points, hinges, door handle and rubber seal on the weather bar should be lightly treated with a silicon spray immediately after your doors are installed and thereafter twice yearly. To improve performance


6. Summary

Please read the above information carefully as Clift Joinery may disclaim responsibility for any defect or
failure that may subsequently occur which is attributable to non-compliance, either wholly or in part with
the advice given in this information document.

Clift Joinery specializes in the production of high quality bespoke joinery items, our craftsman offer a
wealth of experience and expertise. We have been producing exceptional products for many years and we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive a professional service and a first class product. We are keen to ensure that the products you receive are to the highest standards and are made in accordance with your requirements. If you have any queries or concerns with the products supplied or need any advice on maintenance or decoration, please do not hesitate to call us.