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When changing the exterior of your listed building you need an expert – which is where we come in!

Listed Buildings are protected under the Planning Act 1990 (Listed Building and Conservation Areas) and covers buildings of architectural, or historical character and interest.

    There are around 500,000 listed buildings in the UK and they are given one of 3 statuses:

  • Grade I (around 2.5% of all listed buildings) – buildings of exceptional interest
  • Grade II* (around 5.5% of all listed buildings) – particularly important buildings of more than special interest
  • Grade II (around 92% of all listed buildings) – buildings that are of special interest and the most likely grade of listing for a home owner

Listed buildings can also be located in Conservation Areas, which is a part of land deemed worth preserving by law. This means all historical details of interest; such as buildings, street paving and trees should be preserved to a regulatory standard. There are over 8,000 sites that benefit from this act in the UK today.

Before making changes which affect the character of a listed building, or conservation area, planning consent is required by law from your Local Authority.

If you need any advice on replacing or repairing your listed building windows, our friendly team is here to help.

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    Instances where you need planning consent for windows:

  • If the style of window will be changed
  • If the frame material will be changed
  • If you wish to make a change to the type of glazing (eg double glazed) and the original glass will be lost
  • If the windows will be repainted to a different colour
  • If you wish to replace modern-style windows with a traditional style which is more appropriate

Usually, making repairs or making a like-for-like replacement would not require consent. However, we always recommend you check with Planning Services first so as to avoid serious repercussions.

    Your Council’s ‘Planning Portal’ system now makes planning application much simpler. When applying for planning consent there will be several factors to take into account:

  • Be prepared for busy planning offices to take time in processing your application and always be in good time with your submissions and amendments.
  • In nearly all circumstances, conservation officers will recommend repairs over complete replacements. So for speed make sure to state a repair may be possible and if it is not, then build a truthful, solid case for your changes.
  • Replacements will be granted if windows are ‘beyond economical repair’, or if not fully replaced may cause damage to the property.
    If the windows are not original, replacing with an authentic design and material similar to the original would generally be accepted.
  • Slimlite Double Glazing™ is thinner than standard double glazing and is suitable for use in many existing casements. It reduces CO2 emissions, saves on your heating bills and cuts noise pollution. It is also widely accepted by Planning Authorities.
  • Adding a secondary glaze to your existing single glazed windows? We can work to enhance your original windows without affecting their authenticity.

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