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Please find below some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have a question that is not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are your new double glazed windows and doors fully compliant with building regulations?

Our complete new windows and doors comply with Document L Building Regulations. New sashes, casements or doors fitted into their existing frames do not have to comply as this type of work is classed as refurbishment and does not require certification. Listed buildings and some properties in conservation areas are exempt from Document L and your local authority planning department will be able to advise.

How soon will I be contacted after making an enquiry?

We aim to get back to your enquiry within 24 hours where your project details will be obtained and a survey booked.

How long is your lead time?

Our lead time is generally 6-8 weeks but can be 8 – 10 weeks for larger or more complex projects. Please enquire to find out our current lead times.

Can you match the style of my existing windows?

Yes. We are proud to be able to match most styles and patterns with our Classic Plus range. If you require specific, historically accurate windows, replicating the existing features, this can be done for a higher price. Through modern technology and traditional joinery techniques we are able, to produce elegant yet energy efficient replacement windows and doors.

What locks do you put onto the windows?

We have a selection of traditional ironmongery but with added security. We can provide an ironmongery selection upon request.

What type of wood do you use?

We use a section of timber ranging from engineered redwood, meranti hardwood, oak hardwood, sapele hardwood or accoya (guaranteed not to rot for 50 years).

Can you replace my plastic windows with timber?

Yes we certainly can.

Can you decorate my windows?

We offer a repainting service for existing window frames when installing new sashes. If we are replacing your windows will be factory finished with either our standard paint or your chosen finish, which may attract an additional charge.

Where are your windows made?

Our manufacturing is based in Poland, where skill sets are exceptionally high, but operational costs are low.

Do I need to decorate or paint my windows?

Our new joinery comes fully factory finished and therefore you will not need to decorate your new windows once installed.

Why can't you include the supply of scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a specialised job and the equipment needs to be erected by professional scaffolders to comply with health and safety. We can help assist you in sourcing local certified scaffolders should you require this.

Do you organise your parking?

If the homeowner cannot provide parking permits for our installation team we can organise parking bay suspensions through your local Council which is chargeable back to the client.

Will I receive a FENSA certificate for the work?

We are members of Certass (FENSA’s competitor) and we can provide you with a Certass certificate ensuring your installation complies with Building Regulations.

How do your prices compare with those of your competitors?

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and a high standard of service and feel our prices are competitive, based on a “like for like” comparison.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes, we do accept credit card payments.

What happens if I find a fault after you leave?

If you contact our Sales Department immediately we will arrange for an inspection to be carried out and organise for the fault to be repaired.

How do I improve insulation of my windows?

We can provide a draught proofing and overhaul service for your windows.

What different glass options do you have?

We offer toughened glass, laminated glass, acoustic glass, satin and obscure glass, reproduction crown glass, cylinder glass, leaded glass, sanded clear glass and anti-bandit glass as well as standard. All these options can be incorporated into double glazed units.

I’m in a listed building / conservation area, can you help me?

Yes we certainly can, we work very closely with your Architect or Contractor in providing as much information your project.

I want to replace my windows but live in a conservation area. Do I need permission?

There is no legal requirement to obtain permission to carry out work to windows including the installation of double glazing. It is always best to check with your local Conservation Officer to find out if there are any stipulations in your particular area.
If the Conservation Area is not enforced under Article 4 Preservation, whereby permission is needed, then permission is not required, as long as the windows are in keeping with the Conservation Area.

My property is listed and I want to double glaze. Can you offer this?

We can offer slim heritage double glazing which is widely recognised by national Conservation Officers and English Heritage. We have therefore installed in listed properties and properties falling under English Heritage using heritage double glazing. Planning Permission must be granted by your Local Authority and we can help by facilitating drawings to help you with your Planning Application. For further information please see our Listed Building and Conservation Areas page.

Do you provide installation services and supply only services?

Yes, Clift Joinery can provide a supply and installation service or just a supply only service.

How long does it take to replace my windows?

The length of installation will depend upon the amount of windows and/or doors required. You will be advised on the duration of installation when you receive your welcome pack.

Will my home furnishings and floors be protected during installation?

We ask that you remove any curtains, furniture or objects surrounding or on the way to the windows that are to be worked on. Our fitters will provide and lay down dustsheets to cover the area surrounding the windows being worked on and cover electrical equipment with plastic sheeting where required. They will clean the immediate work area to a good standard at the end of the day.

Do your windows and doors carry a CE mark?

Yes, our products do carry the CE mark.

Can I visit one of your showrooms?

We do not have expensive showrooms which reduces our overheads and therefore allows us to pass this saving on to our customers.

How can I see examples of your work?

We could arrange a home visit or place convenient to you where we can go through all our product range in detail.

What are your payment terms?

Our terms of payment, unless expressly stated otherwise on the Purchase Agreement or Quotation, are as follows:

40% Deposit on placing the order which secures the quotation price and production slot. We then book in a manufacturing survey to obtain final measurements.
40% Interim before installation.
20% Balance on completion of the project.

Is my deposit independently insured?

Your deposit is insured by QA National Warranties (QANW). When your deposit is registered, you will receive a confirmation email from QANW.

How long are your product guarantees?

Details of our product guarantees can be found on our Information page on our website and copies of which can be provided upon request.

Is your guarantee backed by an insurance policy?

Supply and install products are insured by QA National Warranties for 10 years. You will receive a copy of your guarantee and insurance policy once all work is complete and all invoices settled. These guarantees are transferable should you sell your property.


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