What is a Sash Window?

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It’s a question I get asked.. a lot. And it’s an excellent question. Why would you know if you haven’t needed to? As far as I’m aware it’s not a subject on our school’s curriculum. Or is it?! On looking closer, it may well be, as the Sash window has been with us for quite some time. Therefore, without realising it, most of us will have seen examples of Sash windows in our history books.

Sash windows defined

Before I tell you more about its history, I should answer the question. A sash window is where two glazed sashes slide vertically in a timber frame, and two cords counterbalanced with lead weights support them. Some original Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian windows are still in daily use now. And if expertly and regularly maintained, a sash window should last indefinitely making it an excellent investment for your home.

Sash windows are part of our heritage

Timber Sash windows have been adorning our homes since the 17th century. And apart from a few modifications, such as the thickness of the glass used for the panes, they’ve changed little. But with new technologies available to produce larger thinner sheets of glass, the 18th Century brought us the more elegant Georgian period design that we love.

Before Sash windows

You may have seen one of our Instagram posts showing an excellent example of one of the first window installations known. The window, (or what’s left of it of course!) is part of Prudhoe Castle in County Durham. It dates back to the thirteen hundreds; quite incredible. Or maybe I just love windows a little too much!

Sash windows in the movies

Considered ‘quintessentially British’ Sash windows have played an ‘almost starring role’ in many classic movies. Excellent examples feature in one of our family’s favourite films, Love Actually. The film showcases various period properties with Sash windows across London. And a beautiful example is the window that provides the backdrop for the hilarious scene where Hugh Grant, as the Prime Minister, “Gets his Groove on”. And if you’re asking, yes I can still remember how to do that!


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