Choosing between PVC-U and wooden windows and doors

Six misconceptions when choosing between PVC-U or wooden windows and doors


Sandy says…


Working in this industry for more years than I care to remember has allowed me to witness many misconceptions when choosing between wooden or PVC-U windows and doors.  

Therefore I thought it would be prudent to share a few with you and help you make considered decisions when renovating your home.

#1 Some assume that wooden windows can only hold single glazed glass.

The truth: Wooden windows can be double glazed or in some cases, even triple glazed. It makes them super energy efficient while still being beautiful.

#2 Wooden windows aren’t energy efficient.

The truth: The thermal efficiency of a window isn’t based only on the material of the frame. It’s the glazing that will affect your heating bill most – positively or negatively! And in fact, wood is an excellent insulator because it has low thermal conductivity.

#3 Wood will rot quickly, and PVC-U windows will last forever.

The truth: Plastic will degrade, whereas many well maintained wooden windows could last up to 60 years (twice as long as PVC-U windows). And there is evidence too, that if restored professionally over their lifetime, quality timber windows and doors can last over a century!

#4 Double glazed windows add value to your property whatever the materials.

The truth: An English Heritage survey of estate agents across the nation showed that PVC-U windows and doors could devalue property by up to £20,000; and its thought this could be a genuine threat to property values in conservation areas.

#5 It’s hard work to redecorate timber windows and doors!

The truth: Your newly painted and installed Clift Joinery windows will remain in excellent condition for many years if not exposed to extreme weather conditions. Check my post on How to maintain your windows and doors.

#6 Wooden windows and doors are far too expensive.

The truth: I mentioned in #3 that your new windows and doors could last up to 60 years if well looked after and over a century if both maintained and given a new lease of life with paint or varnish. Therefore they are an excellent and cost-effective investment.

Making the right decision

In my opinion (some may say biased; I believe educated!) wooden windows and doors are the better choices when renovating your home. Their undeniable beauty, their adaptability if changing your décor; their energy efficiency, and the value they add to your property show they are a fantastic option.

If you need help to open the right door when choosingcontact us now!

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