Why choose French Doors for your conservation or period property

Sandy says…

French Doors are one of the most beautiful and useful investments you can make to your home. They allow light into a dark space and give you visual access to the outdoors on days when the weather doesn’t encourage you to step outside.

Bring the outdoors in with French Windows!

Sunday lunch with the family, in the dining room, with doors open wide to include the garden and its abundance of glorious smells is my idea of heaven!

I love spending time in the garden. And many will agree that, on drearier days, French Doors can bring in light and space from the landscape. It allows us to enjoy the hard work we put into the garden at any time. And large doors really do give the feeling of increased living space.

So, for or those of you without green fingers but a love of the outdoors, and gardeners wanting family and guests to admire our horticultural prowess, these should definitely be on your wish list!

Where did the term French Doors come from?

The idea was ‘borrowed’ from the Italians by the French, hence the name! When the French were at war with Italy in the early 16th Century; travel to Italy exposed the French to an abundance of beautiful artwork and architecture. And many of the ideas found their way back home to France.

With the Renaissance focus on proportion, symmetry, regularity and geometry emphasis was placed on attaining as much light as possible. It led to the more creative use of windows – such as using them as doors.

French Windows are a popular choice when renovating a period property

Today, many years after the Renaissance and the need to create natural light due to the absence of electricity, French Doors and Screens are still a popular choice in homes. They increase the perception of space and access to light in the darkest of areas, a tangible benefit to any home.

French Doors and Screens are undoubtedly that wonderful combination of minimum cost and fuss for maximum effect!

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