Slimlite Double Glazing

Here at Clift joinery, we’re proud to be the exclusive London Agents for Slimlite Double Glazing

Slimlite is a new innovation in double glazing, manufacturing super slim units to bring double glazing to period and listed buildings.

Standard double glazing units are 16mm to 20mm thick, and filled with Argon gas. When reducing the size of the cavity Argon gets less and less effective, so Slimlite have developed units filled with Xenon and Krypton which is an effective insulator even in small cavities. The inner pane of Slimlite windows is also made from Low Emissivity glass. This emissivity coating reflects the long wave radiation (or heat) back into the room making your home more energy efficient. Thanks to the thinness of the panes, and Slimlite’s unique 5mm perimeter seal, it is virtualy impossible to tell the units are double glazed until close inspection.

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Slimlite units can even be fitted to most existing single glazed openings, or included in your new reproduction timber windows. We can also supply reproduction Crown Glass which provides the slight distorted effect which is preferred by Heritage & Historic Associations.

There are further options to make your windows even more cost efficient, including using Slimlite’s new innovative nanoscale technology making the exterior pane more scratch resistant than standard glass, and Self Cleaning! This new coating technology is inspired by the ‘Lotus Effect’, the surface of a Lotus Leaf consists of a variety of different surfaces. This microscopic uneven surface prevents a drop of rain from spreading out to wet the surface and forces it to form a spherical ball, which then run off, taking any dirt with them.

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What our customers say

“It is not often that I get blown away by a building product, but I find this absolutely extraordinary, looks like a single pane of glass”

Kevin McLoud, Grand Designs

The benefits

What are the key benefits of slimlite windows

  • Will Comply with Building Regulations Document J Scotland and Document L England for improved thermal insulation.
  • 7mm perimeter seal of Slimlite Double Glazed Units enables them to be glazed into 9mm deep glazing rebates.
  • The smaller cavities between the glass reduces the required glazing width rebates and enables slimmer sections to be used.
  • The only double glazed unit that can be glazed into most standard astragals.
  • Can be glazed into most existing single glazing glass rebates.
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