Timber Sash Windows

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Sash Window

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All our sash windows are bespoke & handmade using traditional joinery methods

The design incorporates traditional joinery methods combined with Slimlite Double Glazing™, draught sealing and high quality ironmongery and paint finish to ensure a quality product.
We adhere to the required listed buildings and conservation requirements and supply Local Authority drawings where necessary to ensure a smooth transition from start to finish of any specific project.
We manufacture and install the entire box sash window completed. However if the existing sash boxes are in good condition then why not replace just the sliding sashes? This could help if you have a fixed restoration budget.

“The service from Clift Joinery was exemplary: the workmanship is top notch; the customer service throughout has been outstanding…”

Tom Gordon

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Key Benefits

  • Bespoke and Tradition – all our sash windows are made to measure ensuring we meet your exact design requirements. We use traditional classic mouldings, traditional horns and lead weights ensuring your windows are sympathetic to the existing period of the architecture.
  • Competitively Priced – Made from quality hardwoods, our sash windows will last a lifetime if maintained correctly.
  • Quality Construction – Traditional mortice and tenon joints are used on all our joinery.
  • Durable and Low Maintenance – Our beautiful bespoke timber sash windows need minimal care and attention to keep them looking and working brilliantly over their lifetime. We use high quality paints offering long term resistance to the elements.
  • Sustainability – We use seasoned prime natural hardwoods from certified sustainable suppliers only sourcing from forests responsibly managed.
  • Energy Efficient Slimlite Double Glazing – just because it’s the thinnest and best double glazing for period windows on the market, it doesn’t mean you should compromise on energy efficiency…oh and its self-cleaning!
  • Security Our sash windows are double glazed with safety glass, and come with a quality locking key for your complete peace of mind.
  • Draughtproof – Combining style and performance, our sash windows are sealed against draughts, damp air, noise pollution and dust.
  • We install Slimlite Double Glazing™, which is rated as the best thin double glazing on the market and is recognised by Local Authorities as a leading product in the double-glazing industry. Therefore, your entire sash window range can have glass installed offering glass U-Values as low as 1.3.


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One of the timbers we use is Accoya® wood which is sustainable, eco-friendly, FSC® certified wood. Accoya® woods represents a major development in wood technology and enables the consistent supply of durable, dimensionally stable, non-toxic solid wood. An ideal material for manufacture of high performance exterior timber products. Our ironmongery has been carefully chosen for its appearance, performance, and value. Our standard finishes are brass, polished chrome, and satin chrome but other finishes can be sourced if the client requires it.


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